At a Glance


Population: 3088
County:  St. Louis
School District:  704

Philp Larson

City Councilors:
Gary Nowak
James R Schwarzbauer
Jake P Benson
Troy DeWall

City Administrator:
Mark Casey

About Proctor

The village of Proctorknott was incorporated in 1894.  It took its name after J. Proctor Knott, a U.S. Congressman from Kentucky who delivered a satirical speech ridiculing Duluth.  The name was later shortened to Proctor.


Proctor is a community of just over 3,000 residents perched on the rim of rocky Thompson Hill overlooking the great blue basin of Lake Superior.  For over 100 years, locomotives have pulled their heavy loads of iron ore, from one of the largest iron ore sorting yards in the world, downhill to the Duluth Ore Docks.  These ore trains gave Proctor its historic identity as a railroad town.


Proctor is a small city with a rural character that prides itself on a sense of community and a readines to grow. Our schools are progressive and community projects are thriving. Golf, ball fields, playgrounds, a museum, race track, and historic landmarks are here for all to enjoy!


In the summer, Proctor is host to a variety of community events including horse shows, car races, the South St. Louis County Fair, and the town's own Hoghead Festival.


Click here to view a Proctor Tourism video.

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