City Administrator

The Office of the City Administrator/Clerk is responsible for managing the functions of other City Departments and the implementation of the City Council's policies and decisions.  The Administration department oversees several important functions within Proctor's city government.

Executive Leadership. The City Administrator is responsible for the ongoing operations of the City, as well as City Council relations, strategic planning, policy research and implementation, and oversight of boards and commissions.

Economic Development.  The Department supports the recruitment and retention of businesses by creating an environment where businesses can prosper. Ongoing efforts include identifying opportunities for development and potential funding sources, partnering with local business associations and other community groups, and oversight of Proctor's Economic Development Authority.

City Records. The Department supports the management of the City's records according to Minnesota Statues regarding records retention and data practices ensuring citizens access to public information in a timely fashion.

Elections. The Department coordinates all national, state and local elections for public office.

Licensing and Permit.  The Department coordinates the issuance of business licenses within the city and also issues permits for activities such as home occupations, towing, street dances, and other special events.

Liquor Store Operations.  The Department manages Proctor's municipal liquor store. Proceeds from liquor store operations help support the City's general operations.

The City Administration is here to serve the community and is dedicatedto do so with professionalism and teamwork.  City Hall is focused on customer service and takes pride in being part of the solution and not part of the problem.

If you have any questions about Proctor or the City Government, please contact us at (218) 624-3641(218) 624-3641.  YOU HAVE A PLACE IN PROCTOR!


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